Love in 3D – 1973 / Director: Walter Boos

3D is all the rage nowadays, with most of the blockbuster type films being filmed in this way. Pacific Rim, Gravity,Iron Man 3 and so on are all very impressive in their way, but none hold a candle to Love in 3D. Director Boos is probably best known for his involvement in Ernst Hofbauer’s brilliant Report series of softcore antics, but here he really comes into his own in a frenzy of eye-catching 3D fucking. Boos takes the premise of Pete Walker’s patchy Four Dimensions of Greta and goes completely over the top with it. Every opportunity you could imagine (and some you couldn’t) is used to give a fantastically cheesy 3D effect. Mice are dangled at you, numerous breasts are thrust at the screen, an exquisite Indian girl is fucked doggy style towards the camera and, best of all, a pair of panties fly out of a window (on barely visible wires) and land on an old girl’s face.

There really isn’t much plot to speak of, but it all seems to be based round a block of flats somewhere in Germany. Sexploitation veteran Ingrid Steeger appears to be some kind of framing device (and kindly squirts water at the camera, an effect that is repeated at least two more times), and the storylines spiral out from there. Boos regular Dorothea Rau is molested by an Italian tourist and have rampant, yodelling sex with a guy – of course her generous frame takes full advantage of the 3D. A lesbian tryst between an old bag and a spectacular brunette is curtailed when a random stud appears from the ceiling and bounces all over the place with the girl (I don’t know where middle-aged German lesbians buy their mattresses, but this fucker is like a trampoline). Everybody’s favourite Swedish nymph Christina Lindberg pops up long enough to model an indecently short skirt and get naked.

I watched the film in pseudo-3D on my 3D television and the effect was pretty impressive. As I said, Boos uses the effect in practically every shot, which makes the at times laboured comedy all that more bearable (a pretty girl on a swing is one of the highlights). My German isn’t strong enough to follow too much of the story, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s all pretty self explanatory – when the plot involves a couple fucking so hard that a balcony falls off a building or a guy watching a girl sunbathing naked and steals her clothes with a fishing rod, you don’t really need to know the intricacies.

As with most German films of this type, the soundtrack is superb, and reminiscent of Gert Wilden’s Schulmädchen Report work (Love in 3D may well have been scored by him, but I can’t find any details). Steeger and Lindberg appeared in a few films together (though not, unfortunately, in the same scene), most notably in BoosSex at the Olympics, but you won’t find better than this.