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When not attempting to eat his bodyweight in Texas bbq Pringles, Rich is busy abusing his eBay and Amazon apps to replace the films that he already owns on dvd by their blu-ray counterpart. In order to remove the clutter from his head, he runs the 0.50 Action Express blog, and regularly contributes to italianfilmreview.com. When not doing all that, he tries to reconcile the fact that his favourite film is Amelie.

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  • VIDEO JUNK.469

    The little bastards…

  • VIDEO JUNK.468

    I haven’t watched this for years. Must be due a rewatch.

  • A Force of One – 1979 / Director: Paul Aaron

    Something smashed their windpipes and they strangled on their own blood. Undercover cops are being killed by an unknown martial artist, so who else can crack the case but Chuck…

  • VIDEO JUNK.467

    Girls in bikinis, awesome hairstyles, capped sleeve t-shirts and Nazis!

  • VIDEO JUNK.466

    And you thought Deadly Prey was daft….

  • VIDEO JUNK.465

    Seriously pleased this has been released on blu ray!

  • Steele Justice – 1987 / Director: Robert Boris

    Leeeeeeee! If you weren’t named John in  80s action films, you were nothing: Rambo, Matrix, McClane, Burton and now Steele. The cheating bastard from The Karate Kid takes on the…

  • VIDEO JUNK.464

    Exploding ninja fish?

  • VIDEO JUNK.463

    I wish I had shares in the company which made those headbands…

  • VIDEO JUNK.462

    Ninja + dynamite = awesome.

  • VIDEO JUNK.461

    More dire rubbish from the master…

  • VIDEO JUNK.460

    One louder…

  • Naked Massacre – 1976 / Director: Denis Héroux

    I’m going to have to tie you up for a few hours, if you don’t mind. Naked Massacre is a title which promises much, but the film itself is a…

  • Deadly Prey – 1986 / Director: David A. Prior

    That’s what’s left of your best man. Sub-Rambo (hell, sub-Strike Commando) fun starring the director’s brother, the Toolbox Murders guy and an epic haircut. This film is totally incompetent on…

  • VIDEO JUNK.459

    His brother was dead, and Cart…er…Tackett wanted answers…fast!

  • VIDEO JUNK.458

    Sounds like something that would make church a lot more interesting…

  • VIDEO JUNK.457

    So good, Suede almost named an album after it.

  • VIDEO JUNK.456

    There is illustrated text and there is cinema…

  • VIDEO JUNK.455

    Mystifying, profound, unsettling, perfect.

  • Autopsia – 1973 / Director: Juan Logar

    The silence of death is more eloquent than the happiness of life. There can’t be too many Spanish films which feature the post-war experience of a Vietnam veteran. There can…

  • The Ravager – 1970 / Director: Charles Nizet

    His final aim was to find a pretty girl to rape and to put his dynamite to good use. Holy shit, this one is cheap and nasty. Charles Nizet is…

  • ‘Nam Vets Go Nuts! Awesome Violence From The Land of the Free.

    The war in Vietnam had a profound effect on the psyche of the USA. The Nixon doctrine, Operation Rolling Thunder, Vietnamese kids burned with napalm, the My Lai massacre, people…

  • VIDEO JUNK.454

    In his own quiet, seedy way, Tony is perhaps the most frightening serial killer in film (and definitely the only one to have Gary Busey as an alibi).

  • VIDEO JUNK.453

    Only The Hammer can wash away the bad taste left by yesterday’s JUNK…