The Anthony Wong-a-thon

This week, VTSS pays tribute to one of Hong Kong’s favourite sons, Anthony Wong. Wong is the half British, half Chinese star of some of HK’s finest films. He’s probably best known for his appearances in some of the more extreme Category III films, such as the two cannibalism/murder/rape epics The Untold Story and Ebola Syndrome, but has occasionally popped up in more mainstream fayre (A Man Called Hero, Hard Boiled and Ip Man: The Final Fight).

Impossibly prolific, Wong has inevitably appeared in his share of terrible films (What a Hero! for one), but he’s always fun to watch. His range is pretty damn impressive – I can’t think of many actors who could play the pathetic bumbler in The Underground Banker and the irredeemable maniac in The Untold Story.

The five films I’m reviewing this week are a bit of a mixed bag. There were two films I couldn’t ignore: Exploitation favourites Ebola Syndrome and The Underground Banker, but I’ve also included the shoddy Mr. Vampire/Evil Dead hybrid The Demon’s Baby and the entertaining mishmash Taxi Hunter. I’m also Rewinding my review of Billy Chung’s Love to Kill, which I was a bit harsh on, looking back. I was going to write up Fight Back to School 3 or The World of Treasure, but gave up half way through!

Anyway, enough of my rambling. read the reviews but, more importantly, watch the films. He’s made absolutely dozens of the things, so there’s no excuse!

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