Lydia’s Top 5 Dangerous Women Films

Dangerous women… They’re everywhere. Russ Meyer has never spoken so eloquently and perfectly than in the opening of his 1965 release Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! in which the narrator warns the viewers all about such ladies. They operate alone. They operate in packs. They have a plethora of disguises. And the film world? Well, it’s full of them… So a word of caution, I present my favourite dangerous women. But remember, handle with care and don’t drop your guard.

Minnie Castevet: Rosemary’s Baby – 1969 / Dir: Roman Polanski

An old lady she may be, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a nice one. Able to charm her way into innocent people’s lives, Mrs. Castevet is the most dangerous neighbour of them all; a devil worshipper. Never has there been a scarier thing than someone who genuinely believes in the black arts, let alone a person who wants to bring up the devil’s offspring. Do not become friendly neighbours with her, or if money is reallytight, don’t bother having kids until you’ve moved out of next door!

Coffy: Coffy – 1973 / Dir: Jack Hill

Beautiful and deadly, Coffy is the good kind of dangerous woman, out to avenge and make a small part of the world a good place again. Able to twist situations to her favour and use all manner of objects as weapons, neither men nor women are safe when this lady is on the war path. Do not accept an invitation into her bed, this woman’s seductive charms are the fast track to death.

Angela Baker: Sleepaway Camp - 1983 / Dir: Robert Hiltzik

Wearing the mask of an introverted young girl, Angela Baker is downright homicidally insane. Standing up to her tormenters and bullies in ways most of us wouldn’t, Angela does what she wants and gets what she wants, using anything she can find as a weapon to bring down anyone she doesn’t like. Do not bully or befriend her if you want to keep making friends in the future.

Varla: Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! - 1965 / Dir: Russ Meyer


Take one step out of line and Varla will make sure it’s the last step you ever take. Able to rival your stereotypical man in every way possible, this girl is the leader of the pack and will do anything to make sure it stays that way. Friends and girlfriends mean nothing if they don’t do what she says. Do not overtake her on a road unless you want a death by a spat of venomous words. Or even worse, some seriously deadly karate.

Pamela Voorhees:  Friday the 13th – 1980 / Dir: Sean S Cunningham

There is nothing quite as dangerous as a mother scorned. Willing to kill anyone, and pretty much everyone, who insults her dead sons memory, this is one Momma you don’t want to mess with. Even more dangerous as a decapitated head who ‘talks’ to her son. Not a lot of people can pull that one off… Do not take a holiday trip to camp Crystal Lake.

Ilsa: Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - 1975 / Dir: Don Edmonds

Malicious, hypersexual, sadistic, a Nazi… Need I say anymore? Ilsa holds no prisoners; neither men nor women are safe from her devious ways. Brutal scientific experiments, rape and torture are just a few of her specialities. Do not go anywhere near her, ever.